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By - Shelley Ross

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Unsolicited Testimonials


"Hi Shelley, Thanks so much for the very helpful info. It has helped me to decide what to do. Thanks again, much appreciated."
Becky, US

"Hi - I just had a tubal ligation and while I was under they discovered endo, so did the surgery for that as well. I am so glad that they finally found a reason for the back pain, trouble with bowel movements nausea and fatigue I have been feeling on a regular basis. Ive had so much time off work without explaination which is not a good thing and I swear my Dr thought it was all psychosomatic. ( I will be changing Drís too) Im just so glad they can put a name to the problem and I can start looking at different therapies for controlling this condition. Thank you for the info on this site it has been exceptionally helpful. "
Nicolle, NZ

"I was disappointed by how much misinformation I was given by all sorts of doctors. Iím GLAD to see that your site does a very comprehensive job of describing endo and its myriad symptoms..."
Geralyn Hogeman

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